Western MA Pagan Pride Day Presenter Application 2019

Western Mass Pagan Pride Code of Conduct
1. Please provide at least one person who will be staffing your booth at all times. (If you are a vendor.)
2. This is a family-oriented event. No adult-themed items can be displayed or offered for sale.
3. You are responsible for collecting and reporting all sales made and subsequent taxes for your business.
4. All participants will conduct themselves in a well-behaved and lawful manner at all times.
5. Participants will be responsible for all members in their group.
6. There will be food / drink vendors at the event. If you would like you may bring your own picnic lunch as well.
7. All vendors are responsible for the clean up of their areas. Trash receptacles will be available. Please leave your site and the area around your site better than you found it. Failure to clean up properly can result in non-approval of future applications.
8. No alcohol, drugs or weapons are permitted at this event.
9. A responsible adult must accompany children under 15.
10. Vendors must abide by all applicable city, state and federal laws while on event property.
11. It is the policy of the Pagan Pride Project to not knowingly allow anyone convicted, after the age of 18, of a felony to participate in the event as a volunteer, sponsor, vendor or presenter.