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Please join us on SATURDAY
at the Florence Civic Center,
Northampton MA

Join us to show your pride or to just find out about who we are!

Free admission!
Please bring a cash donation for the Northampton Survival Center for our Harvest Food Drive (or a non-perishable, not-yet-expired food item).

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A Timeline of the Witch Persecutions in Europe and the New World
Ellen Evert Hopman

Based on the new book The Real Witches of New England - follow the history of the Witch persecutions from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages to the American colonies.

Ellen Evert Hopman is a local Herbalist, author and Druid. She has been writing about Pagan and Druid history and lore for thirty years. The Real Witches of New England is her latest offering, featuring the history and interviews with modern Witches. See all her books and her yearly six month herbal intensive at www.elleneverthopman.com

Visioning the Celtic Otherworld
Síthearan NicLeòid

Join us as we learn about the sacred cosmology of the ancient Celts and the numinous realms of the gods and goddesses, who were known as the Túatha Dé Danann in Ireland and Plant Annwn in Wales. Explore the theme of reciprocity between the worlds and the gifts of the Otherworld, which was called by many names: Tír na nÓg, Mag Mell, Annwfn and Avalon. We will open ourselves to experience vision-poems in Old Irish and Middle Welsh - some of which are over a thousand years old - to help us see beyond the veil into the timeless realms of the Celtic Otherworld.

Síthearan NicLeòid is a Gaelic singer and Celtic musician, a Harvard trained Celticist, and published author (‘Celtic Myth and Religion,’ ‘The Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe,’ ‘Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld,’ and ‘Queen of the Night’). She has studied many of the Celtic languages and presented academic research in Celtic religion and mythology in Scotland and Ireland. She is a Ban-Druí and Ban-Fili, and a grant researcher working to restore ancient Celtic music and historically attested Celtic ritual from the pagan era.

What is Heathenry?
Trey Wentworth

Heathenry, also called Asatru, Forn Sed and other names, is the modern revival of the indigenous Germanic traditions of pre-Christian Northern Europe. From gods like Thor, Odin and Freyja to the elves, dwarves and spirits of the land, we will be discussing sacred stories, rituals and folk practices of the early Scandinavians, Germans, and Anglo-Saxons and the ways these ancient traditions are being reborn today.

Trey is the goði (priest) of Chase Hill Folk, a Heathen community in Southern Vermont, which he has led for seven years. Together with other members of that community, he has helped publish two songbooks of music for Heathen and pagan ritual. He is a practicing witch and spaeman (seer) in the Heathen tradition and has followed a pagan path for much of his life. http://heathenhearth.blogspot.com

What's in your Witch's Toolbox?
Katie LaFond

Witches should be well versed in how to meditate, ground, charge, give offerings, protect ourselves and our spaces, make intentional objects, create spells, and know when to do these things for maximum effectiveness. We'll talk a little about these skills and I'll provide some resources for learning more.

Katie LaFond follows an Earth-based spirituality. A fiber artist, “garbologist,” homesteader, orchestral flutist, and perpetual student of astrology, Katie is passionate about local food and making most things from scratch. Katie has led a variety of clans at EarthSpirit’s Twilight Covening, taught workshops in a variety of pagan disciplines across the U.S., and led ritual both public and private. A music teacher and member of MotherTongue, she lives in the hilltowns of Western MA with her family, bees, pets, chickens, books, turkeys, gardens, hobbies, & way too much yarn.

Sacred Circle Dance
Juniper Talbot

Join us in dancing the simple, joyful dances of the Sacred Circle, which draw on the spiritual and community-building traditional dances of many cultures. Dances range from slow and meditative to playful and lively. Sacred Circle Dance is a means for joy, relaxation, grounding, opening and healing. No partners needed.  Beginners are very welcome!

Juniper Talbot has over 35 years of experience with ritual and magic. She was initiated into Lenai Aine, a Celtic-based witchcraft coven in 1982, and is currently an Elder in this coven. As a professional dancer, Juniper has traveled often to the sacred sites of the British Isles to teach and perform and to learn from the land itself. She has been facilitating Sacred Dance workshops, classes and events for many years.