Lynn and Will Rowan, 2:00 pm

Will and Lynn Rowan

Folk Duo Lynn and Will Rowan have been teaching and performing together for over ten years. Having traveled all over Europe learning traditional polyphonic music from master singers, a deep love and understanding of harmony infuses everything they do. They tour, give concerts, and teach workshops year-round with their critically-acclaimed vocal group Windborne. Lynn and Will are passionate about community music with roots in the ancient past. This comes out not only in their extensive knowledge of traditional music, but also in their original music. Their shows range from Lithuanian hymns to the sun accompanied on bagpipes to mournful tragic ballads to rollicking pub-style songs about the Norse Gods. Terence P. Ward of the Wild Hunt described their voices as blending “like honey and hot tea.” Whether listening to their breathtaking harmonies, or singing along to their crafty arrangements, Lynn and Will’s sheer joy of singing is sure to capture your heart.

Dan Frank on Hurdy Gurdy, noon

Dan Frank

Dan Frank has been playing Hurdy-Gurdy and studying various forms of traditional music for the past 20 odd years. His repertoire on this ancient instrument comes from diverse sources, ranging from Celtic and Scandinavian to EDM and modern composers. He currently plays with the quartet Forest Avenue and his duo, Collusion.