What is Paganism/Animism?

Sarah Rosehill

Elements of animism – the belief that the spiritual imbues the natural world – are present in indigenous traditions around the world. In Europe, these pre-Christian animist traditions have become sources of inspiration for modern pagan practice. Join us to learn some of the ways animist pagans practice and how animist spirituality can inform our lives and values.

Sarah Rosehill is a witch, mother, writer, baker, and aspiring gardener living in the hilltowns of Massachusetts. She has served the EarthSpirit community as an event planner, teacher, and ritualist for over a decade and joined the Board of Directors in 2018. Trained in Anamanta and Feri, Sarah is passionate about the power of connection to mend our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world.

What is Heathenry?

Hosted by Jac Clark

Join a conversation with Heathens and those who are curious about Heathenry to explore and share about this spiritual tradition which was native to Northern Europe.

Jac is a priestess of Freyja and witch. Some of her sacred work includes re-membering and creating beauty through ritual, writing, cooking, drumming, and more. She has been studying and practicing runic magic in the Reindeer Clan tradition. She is a ├×egna (Thane) of the Chase Hill Kin, a Heathen Kindred located in Southeastern, VT.

What is a Witch?

Kaitlyn Creed

The Witch has long been a archetypal figure in cultures around the world, conjuring up strong images–both malevolent and kindly. In many places, however, those viewed as Witches have been both hated and feared. Modern Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans have been striving for nearly a century to reclaim the word ‘Witch’, to share glimpses into the spiritual and ritual practices which define the many paths of the Old Ways. 
In this workshop, we will introduce which Witch is which, touch on commonalities and differences and dis-spell mainstream myths about Witches and Witchcraft.

Kaitlin Creed is a founding High Priestess of Shadowfolk Coven and Teaching Collective in New York City. She has spoken on topics such as Modern Paganism, The Witchcraft Revival, and The Foundations of Wicca at NYU, The Learning Annex, The Irish Arts Center,  and The Fourth Universalist Society of the City of New York. She has also shared information about her spiritual path on a variety of local and national television programs.  As a writer, Kaitlin has had the opportunity to interview leaders and authors from several different Wiccan and Witchcraft traditions. 
Kaitlin is a resident of scenic Montague Center, where she shares stewardship of a magickal homestead with her husband, Charles.